Sunrise Solar Solutions Limited is an innovative company established in 2007 to make a significant impact on the energy platform in Ghana and sub- Sahara Africa.
We supply and install solar electricity for residential, commercial and public sector buildings. We provide full in-house training and technical support. We supply leading technology products and committed to providing excellent service to our customers.

While electricity is essential to our modern lives, it can come at a high environmental cost. Sunrise Solar Solutions Limited is committed to making sure that we minimise environmental impacts. Sun power is an abundant renewable form of energy that produces zero carbon emission, reduces our impact on the environment thus saving the planet Earth and cuts our electricity bills

The direct conversion of sunlight into electricity is a very elegant process to generate environmentally friendly, renewable energy. Our planet’s renewable energy potential is effectively limitless when measured against humanity’s needs. Environmental problems associated with the burning of fossil fuel and the medium and long-term supply of fossil fuel itself, particularly oil and its gas, make the move towards global renewable energy economy both desirable and necessary.it.

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As part of the network of distributors of KYOCERA Solar Energy Group; we will serve as a system house and will professionally provide photovoltaic systems survey, design, engineering, installation and also offer maintenance and after sales service to the customers.

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