We are able to finance your project partly or fully. Please get in contact with us with your project proposal and we will offer you suitable financing schemes that meet your expectations.

We will conduct detailed analysis of your energy needs based on hourly load profiles of all connected loads. Based on the result of the analysis we will present you a proposal with various customized solutions that are suitable, sustainable, efficient and affordable.

We will also provide you detailed design ready for construction from your choice of our proposal.

The material cost of your system amounts up to 80 percent of the total project cost depending on the size of the system. Therefore, it
is crucial to specify and select components that are suitable for your project.

We use components from leading and reputable manufacturers with high quality standards and proven suitability and durability through the years of their application in the past. We surely take the responsibility to acquire the most competitive and compatible materials that are market and technically mature.

Tracking of performance of your system and ensuring optimized operation is an important aspect of the project in order to achieve the expected yield from your system. We take this responsibility for you with agreed guarantees like performance ratio, energy yield, system availability, etc.

We carry out real time assessment of the system performance and implement active and reactive measures to operate the system at its best.

SUNRISE and RESE offer a build to assist solar PV utilities and commercial systems in capturing the true performance of their assets regardless of model or brand, in a single system, to monitor, analyse and optimize industry-scale solar PV portfolios.

SUNRISE and RESE can provide you the O&M service either with a platform provided by a component supplier or external monitoring systems as you prefer.