Affordable Solar Power in Emerging Markets (Businesses, Industries & Households)

Solar Power Projects

Solar power systems are the fastest growing renewable energy source worldwide. Concentrated solar power plants, rooftop solar installation, and solar heating add energy efficiency and clean energy capacity to many countries.

Solar Hot Water Systems

Solar water heating systems use solar panels, called collectors, fitted to your roof. These collect heat from the sun and use it to heat up water which is stored in a hot water cylinder. A boiler or immersion heater can be used as a back-up to heat the water further to reach the temperature you want.

Solar Carports/Solar Base Transceiver Stations (BTS)

Our solar car ports are shelters for your vehicles which come in many different designs, and each is fitted with lightweight solar panels generating free, green energy for your business. Excess power can also be fed into the National Grid, earning your business money! Our car ports can also come with EV charging points. With every parking situation being unique, Flexisolar takes a site specific design approach to every project. Each solar carport project is customized to a client’s needs, creating the most functional and cost-effective solar installation available.

Solar Street Lights

Solar powered street and car park lights are becoming very popular around the world. We offer a great selection most of which can also be used for general area lighting too. We have the largest selection of solar street and car park light systems.

Financing Projects

Our sophisticated design and execution is well-known. We strive hard to complete the project on time and ensure a smooth flow of energy from the augmented grid. Financing renewable energy projects require access to significant resources, by multiple parties, at varying points in the project life cycles.

Energy Consultancy/Advocacy (including Climate Change Issues)

Small and Medium industries would stand to benefit a great deal from Sunrise Solar Solutions as their requirements could be totally obtained from solar energy itself. Their eligibility for subsidies would go several fold higher when they become self sufficient in power usage.


We deliver a bespoke solution for your business. From the initial site survey, right through to design, installation, and project management.


Solar Panel Project

Our project managers originated from an installation team and understand first-hand the technicalities of installing, allowing them to manage and supervise installation teams more effectively.

Onesite Inspection checklist

We are aware that not every client is likely to use their own capital to fund energy technology solutions; as such; we continually research the market and build relationships to ensure we can support your business by connecting you with the right finance partners.

Estimation of output

We deliver a quality installation that continues to raise industry standards. Lead by our own project manager, we work with a trusted number of installation partners that are fully audited and trained to deliver quality workmanship and employ the highest health and safety practices. We always operate to ensure minimal disruption to your business during installation.

Erecting Windmill Turbines

The operation and maintenance team provide a comprehensive service to ensure that your energy technology solution continues to deliver year-on-year benefits by implementing a monitoring service that alerts us to immediately remedy any issues that may occur over time; for example; low generation caused by a panel or inverter fault or issues external to the system.

Services We Offer

Sun power is an abundant renewable form of energy that produces zero carbon emission, reduces our impact on the environment and cuts our electricity bills.

It is really surprising that in the mist of this abundance, companies and individuals are still struggling to meet their power requirements and paying high price for power, thus higher production cost with minimal profit.

In Ghana, electricity price is increasing at geometrical progression despite its unreliability and some of the companies and individuals are tied up to the high monopolistic tariff from the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG).

Now, the Monopoly is broken, you have a CHOICE, make a SMART decision today and Say:-

Goodbye to Big Electricity Bills: We Build, Operate and Transfer (BOT)

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